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This specialty tank features our trademark SkinFuse® seamless compression fabric to slim down your abs, chest, and back. It has a round neck design and is designed for a perfect fit, plus it has ultra-flat seams to go invisible under your clothes. It also offers back support to help you maintain better posture. Breathable mesh cutouts on the back and straps allow improved airflow for a fresh feel.
It’s comfortable enough to wear all day for total confidence, plus it’s moisture-wicking, so feel free to wear it while working out.

Detalles de la prenda

  • A men’s compression tank that offers light compression in abs, sides, back, and chest.
  • Made of our signature SkinFuse® seamless compression fabric
  • Fitted design for a firm look and added back support.
  • Helps improve your posture.
  • Breathable mesh cutouts for improved breathability to keep you dry for total freshness and comfort.
  • Perfect for activewear or daily wear.
  • Fabric content: 79% polyamide, 21% elastane.

35010 – Leo Crew Neck Seamless Compression Tank


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