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why we love it:

  • Open holes designed for maximum push up effect
  • Shorts designed to enhance hips and gluteus
  • Invisible under your clothes
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear
  • Internal fabric is made of lycra spandex of the best quality that makes it soft and comfortable. It also allows it to put on easier because it smoothly slides through your skin
  • Silicon lace on the top with specially engineered boning designed to keep the shorts up avoiding any rolling down
  • The lace on the shorts also smooths out the seams to make it invisible under your outfits
  • product details:Who says “extra” is a bad thing? Everyone loves extra cheese on their pizza, extra sprinkles on an ice cream sundae, and extra sauce packets with their fast food meals. So, why wouldn’t they love some extra lifting from their shapewear? The Jackie London 4501 Ultra Push Up shorts are extra indeed. But for someone looking to give their already-lovely natural figure a bit more umph, that “extra-ness” is definitely not a problem.

    These high-waisted shorts, available in the shade mocha and nine sizes ranging from XS to 5XL, get their ultra-lifting power from the two open holes in the back of the garment. Those give the booty the lifted, rounder appearance so many are looking for. And since they’re high-waisted, they do a great job of slimming and smoothing the tummy area, too.

    Fortunately, getting a booty lift from Jackie London’s 4501 Ultra Push Up shorts doesn’t include enduring discomfort. The garment’s designers wanted it to be something wearers wouldn’t mind donning all day long. So, they included details like super-soft lycra on the inside and a silicone-lined waistline and hem. The line of silicone attached to the bottom and top of the shorts keeps them positioned in the same spot on the wearer’s body for hours. No constantly flipping a rolled-over waistline back into place or tugging shorts down after they have ridden up for the umpteenth time in one day. There are also four bones on the garment’s waistline; those reinforce the silicone and provide extra assurance that these shorts aren’t moving once they’re on a body.

    One more detail worth mentioning is that the Jackie London 4501 Ultra Push Up shorts are invisible under clothing. Once the wearer tugs them onto their body — which is easy to do, thanks to the shorts’ soft lycra interior — and puts on an outfit, the garment is their little secret. 




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